Germany’s World Cup Victory: From the Vantage Point of Anti-German Haters

Germany’s World Cup Victory: From the Vantage Point of Anti-German Haters


The World Cup Finals in Brazil 2014, for aficionados of the game was one that saw two equal opponents play against each other and one unfortunately lost. They were equal to each other in ability talent and preparation; the final result, Germany 1-0 Argentina.

The wider social response to Germany’s victory was worthy of note. For soccer lovers soccer comes first and Germany has earned our respect and admiration. We are aware of its history but modernity has evolved with new rules which Germany obeys as do all signatories to FIFA’s constitution.

For anti-German haters Germany must remain permanently shackled in a posture of subservience within the temple of contempt for its historical acts of extremity (think: second world war and the nazi party and hitler). Some commentators were unwilling acceptors of Germany’s victory wanting Germany to remain permanently postured for unending cosmic punishment for its historical acts of inhuman vulgarities. Germany should never be allowed to live beyond its second world war legacy of extremity.

Those hostile to Germany’s victory hold there is no good that Germany the nation and Germans the people can ever do that is beyond the shade of Hitler’s legacy. Here Germans are so intrinsically racist and genocidal they are believed naturally so; can never change; are genetically evil and should be hated to eternity for their nation’s historical acts of extremity. Germany’s punishment needs to be beyond that which the earth can unleash, they deserve a measure of cosmic punishment that equals their punishment and devaluation of the human form on earth.

Anti-German anger lives forever. Germans are to be hated beyond history even as they win the World Cup within history.

A German victory in the global game won fair and square by globally agreed upon rules of participation thanks to FIFA, is not a victory worthy of acceptance, for the anti-German haters, because it is letting the white skinned German devils of the West, the Devil’s offspring, off-the-hook. Now the Germans have top seed in the global imperial sweepstakes, which also includes white Americans, white South Africans, the French, the British–oh, and lest I forget also accompanied by the petit-blancs: small whites such as white Canadians, the Swedes, Dutch, Australians, Belgians, Spanish Italians; and I guess Russians for Eastern Europeans. In short, as a white people they are not alone in the league of global white supremacy. Yet, here they are singled out for the bulls-eye attack.

Within history we have the facts of globalized markets and globalized production centres, international travel, global commerce, international trade, modern telecommunications technologies (think: smartphones and cell phones and televisions, and satellite dishes, and satellites), global knowledge systems, Internet, and the reality of real-time communications across the globe. We have a United Nations to deliberate on conflicts, an International Criminal Court; we have international agreements, on shipping, insurance, air travel, mining, prisoner of war rights just to mention a few pieces of evidence of how integrated the modern world is.

With soccer it is estimated over a billion people watched the World Cup Finals in Brazil 2014 across the globe–1 billion. This was relayed via television and satellites from Brazil across the globe. All members of the human family watched. Now, as has historically always been the case, some football fans have identified with one or another of the major teams(England; Germany; France; Italy; Brazil; Argentina and Uruguay). There are Africans for whom German soccer is it; Chinese fans for whom there is no better soccer team than England; South Americans for whom Italian soccer is the best. In the city of Toronto where I live the vast majority of the German flag wavers were neither white nor German nor, for that matter, European; they were African Bangladeshi Chinese Pakistani Somalian Moroccan and Caribbean,—they were global majority peoples. Plus with the European Canadian support of Germany, the German support was diverse.

The point: in a globalized world with peoples settling in countries and climes far removed from their native countries, with a globalized connected world and with a younger generation far removed from the extreme partisanships of the post-Second World War, the anti-colonial and anti-imperial struggles of the Third World in 1960 and 1970’s, the younger generation of soccer lovers are alien to the cult and culture of separatism that predated their birth. They are the children of the globalized world; their measure of judgment is globally inspired to the affirmation and detriment of the interests of many. They are what are called in southern Africa the “Born Frees”.

Those of us for whom separatism and its offspring, racism, are the visors through which social relations are viewed—“Baby-Boomers”–have to concede that there are newer, different, alternative perceptions in our time of world-living. The diverse community of admirers of Germany’s style of play and its World Cup victory signal that the world and its peoples are changing and that the historical certainties of the “Baby-Boomers” generation are not transferable codes of living for the “Born—Frees.” Germany is earning its much sought respect and emancipation from its Hitlerite past, finding time an ally to its determined positive actions to do its best in the here and now in a game the world loves.

Liking Germany’s soccer victory in the World Cup is no longer a direct endorsement and support for political extremity and racism; the connection between the three is loosening with the passage of time, birth of new global personalities and, western European cultural and legal prohibitions against racism in general and the blatant endorsement of Hitler’s version, in particular. Those who choose to contain Germany in its post-Second World War prison of global contempt speak more so of themselves and their fear of the concessions to modernity called by civilized living.

Words: 975

Charles Simon-Aaron

July 20th, 2014














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